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New $200 League Safe Keeper League

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I am starting a new Keeper league. Here are the details. Please email me at jwag51@yahoo.com if you are interested.

The Champions Keeper Fantasy Football League Rules
1. Team Entry and Fees

a. The entry fee for each team is $200. Payment is due immediately through LeagueSafe.com.

b.Each owner will create a team on the Yahoo website.

2. The Draft
a. The draft shall consist of 16 rounds.
b. The draft order will be picked by random by Yahoo just before the draft, so be prepared. We’ll be using a normal ‘snake’draft format.
3. Trades will not be allowed.
4. Free Agency

a. Any player not on a team roster is considered a free agent.

b. Free agents can be acquired on the Yahoo website.

c. Free agents will be acquired on a “first come, first serve” basis using the Yahoo website. No cost for transactions.

5. Starting Lineups

a.Each owner shall submit a team of nine (10) players each week.

b. Each starting line-up shall consist of the following players:

One (1) quarterback

Two (2) running backs
Two (3) wide receivers
One (1) tight end
One (1) flex position (running back, wide receiver or tight end)
One (1) kicker
One (1) Defensive Team

c. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their roster is complete on a weekly basis.

d. Please refer to the Yahoo website regarding lineup submission deadlines.

6. Scoring

a. Scoring is based on the system on the Yahoo league site. The Yahoo website will determine scoring for all weekly match-ups.

7. Game Schedules and Match-ups

a. Each week, every team will be matched against another team in a head-to-head game.

b. The Yahoo website will create the league schedule and determine the weekly match-ups.

c. The winner of the match-up is the team with the most points as determined by the Yahoo website.

d. In the event two or more teams tie at the end of the season, the Yahoo website shall determine the tiebreaking system to set the playoffs and shall determine the winners of playoff contests. See the Yahoo website for their exact Tiebreak System criteria.

8. The Play-Offs

a. The top six teams in the league will make the play-offs. The top two teams in the league will receive a bye in the first round of the play-offs. The losers in the first round will play each other for 5th and 6th place. The playoff settings in our League Settings on yahoo will determine the match-ups for the Playoffs.

b. The Yahoo website will rank the teams each week based on Wins, Losses, Ties, and Scoring.

c. The Play-Offs will take place weeks 14, 15 and 16.

d. Starting line-ups for play-off games shall be submitted in the same manner as regular season games.

9. The Payoff
a. Prize money will distributed as follows:
1st Place: $1200
2nd Place: $700
3rd Place: $400
There is a $100 management fee.
10. Keepers
a. Teams may keep up to two players from their previous season’s roster.
b. Keepers must be turned into the commissioner and distributed to the other teams at least 2 weeks before the draft.
c. Teams may only designate a player as a Keeper for two drafts.
d. The first year a Keeper is announced they will maintain their same draft round position as the previous season (ie. A player picked in the sixth round that is designated as a keeper will be considered a sixth rounder).
e. The second year a Keeper is announced they will be considered as a first round draft pick regardless of their draft round position the previous season.
f. A Keeper that was drafted after the 9th round or picked up as a Free Agent will be considered a 10th round pick for Keeper concerns. So you’d give up your 10th round pick to keep this player the first year.
g. If a team elects to keep two players with the same original draft pick or two players picked after the 9th round, they will give up the original rounds pick and the next one. So if you keep two 2nd round picks from the previous year you would give up your 2nd and 3rd round picks. If you keep two late picks or Free Agents you would give up your 10th and 11th picks.
h. You may only keep one player at any position, so you cannot keep 2 Running Backs.
i. Once Keepers have been selected, but PRIOR to the Draft, if a Keeper-choice is injured and placed on Injured Reserve, the Team Manager can choose to forgo drafting this Keeper. No replacement Keeper may be chosen.


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