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If you were me (dynasty league)

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So we have completed our rookie draft and first come first served waivers, and I feel almost guilty with riches. As of right now, I have all of the following rookies on my practice squad:














With Moncrief and John Brown still available, do I dare dump both JAC rookies for those two?

I like both Robinson and Lee, but hard to know for sure what they can do at this point. I like the fact that Bortles will be at the helm, but then again, Hurns and Shorts may end up starting.


Moncrief has the skills and a great QB for the future, while Brown has looked the best of the group.


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Well, to be fair, another guy and myself had about half of all rookie picks (3 round draft). I did have to trade guys like Wallace, Morris, and Patterson to get several picks.

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