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Getting Defensive All IDP Mocks

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For several years now we have been conducting Getting Defensive IDP Mock Drafts throughout the NFL offseason. All mock drafts are online, long-running drafts on the My Fantasy League platform. Drafts will likely take several days or longer to complete and a new draft will start each week all offseason long.

Drafts will start weekly. If you are interested in joining a PDW Mock Draft please fill out the form and be sure to select “PDW Mock Draft” in the league drop down. Thanks, and happy offseason mocking.

2014 Getting Defensive ADP Data (2015 Data will be up as it’s compiled)




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The Getting Defensive IDP Mocks are in full swing and will be continuing throughout the offseason. New drafts start weekly. If you're an IDP nut or are interested in helping build ADP data, come JOIN!

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