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2015/16 season. $100 buy in. Need 1 owner for 2nd year, 12 team, 5 keeper leagu

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For 2015/16 season. Looking for 1 seasoned, experienced, competitve player to take over an NFC teams of your choice in a 2nd year 5 keeper league. No hotheads please. Very competitive, fun league last year. Right now there will be 3 new owners so to even the playing field I will hold a supplemental keeper snake draft via email from the 3 rosters for the new owners to choose their 5 keepers. This will be before the actual draft of course. It will eliminate anyone inheriting a bad team, and gives everyone a fresh competitive start. $100 buy in is protected by leaguesafe with payouts of $600 for 1st, $400 for 2nd, and $200 for 3rd place. Basically standard rosters and standard scoring on NFL.com. I have an AFC/NFC division/format for now, so the teams will be in the NFC and will need an NFC team name and logo of your choice thats not taken. Hopefully you can represent your team. If you are interested pease email jakubudrum1@aol.com and I can give you more info about general rules, scoring and keeper rules etc. I would like to hear a little about you and your fantasy football history too so I can make the best choice for the league. Even though the new season hasnt started yet, you can still hold your spot and take over the team now. I would like to lock it down early. Thanks. Peace


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