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The Moz

THANK YOU MFFL 2005 - 2015

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First let me say I am starting a reboot for me , geppetto,WW, kutulu,BB06,and Cuse ... but it will NO LONGER be Moz's fantasy football league ... if it is sucessful it will be Miracle Fantasy Football league. ............. without further redue...



The early years of MFFL...


Bandwaggoneer - better known as Emoticon only poster ... a original member of the MFFL - a good owner - thank you


The Cheat - a really save owner a little bit skiddish and made it a little hechtic but a really good owner who had 2 very goo years - thank you

They hate me - with us 1 year and traded me very nice players helping me win my first and only title -- thank you :)


The NMH crew - Gkal, Tsunami, and Nick -- people I worked with -- thank all 3 of you very much!!!


Singman - well you cheated me out of 350 dollars by not paying me so tough to say a nice thing here. you sir are a POS to various degrees as you did this in 3 leagues to many owners


Football_Scooter and LODD - thanks for being part of it but thank you more for leaving... can't say anyhting nice ..........


Force of 2 - 1 year but did very well - thank you


Sloracer - one of the originals - a really good owner - thank you


AHILL -other than myself the longest lasting owner in the MFFL - not always the greatest team but always witty and a very good owner - thank you very much sir!


RLLD - only 1 year and only 1 win known ya a long time on the site but damn................... thanks regardless


Hellothere - labeled neverthere by some ............. a GREAT owner always payed promtly - always started a legit line up , a first rate guy -- thank you




Tarheel Boy - a FFT original - tried but never had a good season .......... regardless - thank you


Megla - a FFT silver back and renound nemesis of DElay - a solid guy and very good owner -- thank you


BB06 - always a very good owner and fielded a very good team - never had to ask ya twice -- thank you


Ski - one of the best FF players I have come acrossed - we had a issue but it doesn't change the fact he is very good at this hobby -- thank you.


Kutulu - won it one year - banana boy was a true compettor whether he acted it or not -- always fielded a very solid team and a very good owner -- thank you.


White wonder -- very savy and smart FF owner - ponly had hi a few years but a true asset. -- thank you


Bunny - the drunked warrior - only had you 1 year in the "free" season - you started your line up every week - so thank you


Cuse - ditto above - but you took over a a team and made it inot a possible winner - very well done sir. -- thank you


Frozen - Ditto above but you said maybe the first you wern't coming backl after agreeing ... tough to say that nice after a bad season but you did start a line up so thank you for that - other than that ................




TOP 5 MFFL players of the DECADE 2005 -2015


4 or 5


Jocstrap - GREAT attitude - better guy. won it one year - always active - thank you many many time brother!


Dehaven (known as Delay) - personally I didn;t like him based on what went down in 2012 draft but no denying he was a GREAT owner ALWAYS active and aside from years 1-3 posted really good teams -- thank you.


top 1-3 ............ NO ORDER


Famous B - won it 3 times - many times just seemed very lucky. talked a lot of smack but backed it up. a absolute first rate owner. thank you


LBH - the most knowledgeable owner in MFFL history in regards to stats etc. and a bonus of being a pretty good guy as well. -- never won but always did pretty well -- THANK YOU.


Gepetto - only won once but had the best team almost every year a TRUE staple of the league - a great owner in every respect.................... thank you.









If you have expressed you are still in I will give the remainder a chance to chime in them post this on the find a owner part of the site. to fill ut the league and begin a 2015 to ????????? reboot ... the Miracle Footbal League ... as in a miracle if it gets off the ground - but I will try..



lastly - drobesli was in the league 2 months - by default he won the league :(

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If you could lower the entry cost id be in for a redraft. I'm in a lot of dynasty leagues and 100 is prob too much for me at this point .

Also thanks for the props

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I won it twice, dummy. My first year and last year.

you did :) well done

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