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Mike MacGregor

How to Re-Rank Players in Draft Buddy

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Question received from a customer yesterday:


I was wondering if there was a way for me to order the players on the spreadsheet how I believe they will perform? For example, wanting to move Arian Foster down the list because I believe he is injury prone. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



And response:


There are a couple ways you can accomplish that tailor the rankings more to your liking.

1. You can edit the projections. What I would do here is go to the RB tab, lets say, highlight all of the projections in the yellow section, copy them (CTRL-C) and go over to one of the far yellow sections further to the right, and paste them there (CTRL-V). Then, edit those projections. If you think Arian Foster is too high, ratchet down his TD or yards more to your liking.

To make this "new set" of projections the ones used to impact the cheatsheets, scroll back to the left on the RB tab. See two "+" signs across the top? Click the first one, and you can see a single yellow column where you can change the default allocation key. If you change it at the top it will change for all RBs. Or you can run down the list and change it by player. (Or you can change it for all positions at once on the options tab).

Once you do this, then you need to hit Compile Cheatsheets to see the impact of your changes. This would be the detailed approach. The reason I suggest copying the projections over is so you don't lose your edits when you update projections from us.

2. You can change just the rankings right on the cheatsheets. I would suggest this after you do the last update from us or hit Compile Cheatsheets the last time before your draft, because Compiling will reset the cheatsheets and wipe out these changes, but try this out

so you understand how it works. Go to the offense tab, and see the yellow highlighted numbers under "Rank" and "Tier"? Change both of those to whatever you like - essentially re-rank the players. Then hit the appropriate re-rank button on that tab to re-sort them.
This is the easy way so you don't have to mess with projections, but again, watch your timing on this vs. doing an update or hitting Compile Cheatsheets.



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