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Cunning Runts

Created a new league format...let me know what you think

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Tried a new format to freshen things up and not be "just another league" this year. So far, everybody loves the new format. I'd like to hear your thoughts...


It's a Cutthroat Survivor league. In a nutshell, here is how it works:


16 teams, 10 player superflex with no bench. We use team QB to prevent bad beats due to injuries from the highest scoring position. Total points weekly, not head-to-head matchups.


For the first four weeks, the lowest scoring team has the option of buying back in; after that, lowest scoring team is eliminated. Done. For the season. Players go back into the pool. Winner of the week wins 50% of entry fee or can opt for immunity for the upcoming week. Add/drops cost 5% of entry, so roster churn adds to the pot each week.


Waiver wire starts as reverse draft order and does not reset weekly.


It makes fantasy more of a game of strategy. Like this week: is the Aaron Rodgers owner going to drop him or take a zero and risk elimination? There are lots of quality players available as free agents, but do you burn your waiver spot or wait until players become free agents? You typically want to start two quarterbacks, but a couple of teams were not able to roster two QBs due to early bye weeks.


On Wednesday, five teams made free agent pickups between 2am and 6am, which is exactly the kind of craziness I was hoping for. Lots of interesting game theory involved.


All four teams bought back in that scored the lowest in the first four weeks. For the week 16 championship, four teams will remain and three will split the remaining pot 60/30/10. Fourth place wins nothing. All will have stacked teams.


Next year, we may add a total points pot to award the highest scoring surviving team through the end of the bye weeks.


What do you think? Thumbs up? Any suggestions to improve? Have you played in anything like this?


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Can you start 10 QBS? Curious how fast all the QBS fell. I would guess by round 6 that are all gone. Sucks for the person who loses week 5 and the season is over XD.

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QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, D, + Superflex


QBs did go early, but not all teams started the season with two QBs. Once bye weeks started, not all teams could field two QBs. One team had Cam, Olsen and Brandon Marshall as three best players going into week five. He dropped them all and picked up Browns QB, Barnidge and another WR and won the week when the Browns all put up ridiculous numbers.


The finality of elimination makes everyone try harder. More active on waiver wire for sure, especially with no bench.

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