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I am really interested in becoming a Draft Buddy user as it sounds like a great way to help you in your draft, but before I purchase DB I wanted to know two things?


1) Are you able to import from NFL.com (your league settings) on DB or do you have to do this manually?


2) Are you able to do your own customized draft order on DB? Our league does not use the typical draft order as I have developed a method which is customized and wanted to know if customizing your own draft order in DB is possible?



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Hi aperez12,


The short answer to your questions is Yes.


1. There isn't a preset scoring option in the dropdown box for NFL.com but we do have a NFL.com option on the MyFFToday side which you can grab and use. In the Draft Buddy go the "scoring" tab and input 143908 in the MyFFToday League ID box. That league ID is associated with NFL.com scoring. Click the "Get Scoring" button.


2. You can certainly do custom draft orders in the Draft Buddy. On the "draft report" tab, you'll see a drop down box with Serpentine, Straight and Custom options. From our FAQ...


Q. How do I input a custom draft order (not serpentine or straight)?


A. Click on the team (or owner) names on the draft report tab beside each pick under the Original Draft Pick Owner column. You will notice a drop-down box appear, from which you can select a different team that owns the draft pick. Continue this same method for the entire draft. If some rounds are the same, then copy and paste (suggest Edit > Paste Special > As Values) one round to another to help speed up the process.


Note if you input a custom draft order, DO NOT use the straight or serpentine drop-down as it will remove your custom draft order.


Let us know your custom draft order and Mike M. can probably give you some tips on how to best set it up in the DB.

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Well said MK. I will also add that to input the rules and scoring tab manually does not really take very long.


If your custom draft order has any sort of pattern then we can make inputting it pretty easy.

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