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$75 10 Team .5PPR Yahoo DRAFTING 8/30 9:30 PM EDT

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Have a few spots left in a $75 10 team .5 PPR/2 Flex/No kickers Yahoo league. Money handled via LeagueSafe with majority vote payout.
Payout allocation will be voted on post-draft.
DRAFT = 930 PM EDT/630 PM PDT on Tuesday 8/30
Scoring: Pass TD = 4, INT = -1.5, receptions = .5, standard yardage, fractional scoring, no bonuses...basically try to make scoring as balanced and skill-based as possible.
1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/1 TE/1 WRT/1 QWRT/1 D/7 bench/0 kickers
Please pay upon joining. If you haven't paid by 2 hours before the draft you risk being removed from the league.
LeagueSafe link and further info will be on the league message board.


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