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12 Team IDP Dynasty Startup League(5 Spots Remaining)

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I'm starting up a dynasty league with 16 starting roster spots and 30 total players and multiple IR slots.

We also have 10 Taxi Players(which are the equivalent of practice squad players), but they can only be rookies and once promoted cannot be demoted.

There's a $28 dollar entry fee with 8 dollars covering the cost for the league and 20 going into to the $250 grand prize pot.

It's half point PPR, but I have balanced it out slightly by adding a bonus point for any run/catch over 40 yards.

No salary cap so at the end of each year you can keep anywhere from 10 to 24 players and we will have a 6 round rookie draft each season.

We will have the option to trade draft picks and all of that fun stuff.

5 team playoff where the 4th and 5th place play Week 14 and then Week 15 is the semifinals and Week 16 is the championship and third place game.

Last, but most importantly, I want ACTIVE and involved members. I will have polls and messages for potential rule changes between seasons and I will also post the draft pick selection video.

We can either do a slow snake draft over email or a live draft if everyone can get schedules coordinated. That would be discussed in the message boards.

Here is the link to look at everything:


Once we fill the league I will begin decorating. Also once we fill I will open the Leaguesafe for deposits.


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