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Opening a Salary Cap/Contract League with IDP

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We are opening a Salary Cap league with Contracts, we are looking to make it 12-14 teams, 16 or more are kind of tough to do with bye weeks taking away QBs and Ks

It is going to be an individual defensive players league, with 53 man rosters, the starting line ups will be QB, 2 RB, 4 WR, TE, K, 2 DE, DT, DL, 5 LB, 3 CB, 2 S, DB, and a number of roster limits on positions, the only small ones though are on the Kickers and Quarterbacks

the league will be on fantrax, but we will be tracking all the contracts and league policies on proboards, so you will need to make a free account on there

Before our Free Agent bidding begins, we will have a 5 Round Rookie Draft, all players will have a predetermined contract based on what round they were drafted in


1st Round - $3/4 Years

2nd Round - $2/4 Years

3rd Round - $1.5/4 Years

4th Round - $1/3 Years

5th Round - $.5/3 Years

After the draft the Free Agent bidding will begin, every player will be available, after you win the bid on a player you will have 48 hours to decide a contract length, 1-5 years, the years will have limits, 5 5 year contracts, 8 4 year contracts, 10 3 year contracts and however many 1 and 2 year deals you want, the players you draft will not be included in that

We carefully went through all the stats to try and make the point system even across the board for players and their different values


Offensive Stats
2 Point Conversion - 2 Points
Fumble Lost - -2 Points
Interception - -3 Points
Passing Touch Down - 6 Points
30 Passing Yards - 1 Point
Reception - Half Point
10 Receiving Yards - 1 Point
Receiving Touch Down - 6 Points
Rushing Touch Down - 6 Points
15 Rushing Yards - 1 Point
Defensive Stats
Blocked Kick for a TD - 6 Points
Forced Fumble - 2 Points
Fumbles Recovered - 3 Points
Interception - 3 Points
INT for TD - 6 Points
Passes Defended - 2 Points
Safeties - 2 Points
Sacks - 2 Points
Tackles for Loss - 1 Point
Tackles - Half Point
Solo Tackles - Half Point



Kicker Stats
1-39 - 3 Points
40-49 - 4 Points
50-59 - 5 Points
60+ - 6 Points
1-29 FG Missed - -1 Point
Extra Point Made - 1 Point
Extra Points Missed - -1 Point

You can reach me at andrewjritz1987@yahoo.com



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