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$75 ESPN PPR Fantasy Football League .05 Scoring LeagueSafe

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Need 3 members to join second year ESPN PPR League. Payments made through leaguesafe. First to pay league fees will be in the league. Would like members that love fantasy football and are competitive. We had a really competitive league at least with the people that were in contention. 6 Team Playoff with the top two teams receiving first week byes. Some details are as follows:


Entry Fee: $75

Scoring: H2H Points

Draft: Snake

Date: Sun, Sep 3, 2017

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Waiver: Move to last after claim

12 Member PPR - 6 Team Playoff


Positions: 1Qb, 2Rbs, 2Wrs, 1 Flex (Rb/Wr), 1Te, 1K, 1Dst


Changes in league rules only made through league vote.



First Place: $500

Second Place: $225

Third Place: $100

Best Regular Season Record: $75


If interested, please contact patience_lives@yahoo.com to join and pay leaguesafe fees. Payout is Commissioner control only because I have had previous bad experiences with people that were not in the running for money not vote and the payout was delayed. Feel free to contact any active member in the league and they will let you know the moment the decision was final, I paid it immediately. I am fair and honest and that is how the league is run.

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