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3 spots open! 2nd year league! 100% payouts!

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Snake Draft online Thursday, August 31 @ 5:00 pm PDT
2nd year Yahoo league. PPR. Bonus league. 3pt bonus for 100 yards rushing and receiving and 300 yards passing. 3 pt bonus for 200 yards rushing and receiving and 400 yards passing.
12 teams League safe!
Entry Fee $100.
$1200 pot
Playoff payouts
$600 first
$275 second
$100 3rd
$50 4th
Regular season payouts
$50 2 Division winners=$100
$75 most points
6 teams make the playoffs. 14.15.16
Division winners top 2 seeds.
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 Flex
1 TE
1 K
6 bench
Waiver pick ups are reverse standings order. So the 12th place team as of that week gets 1st pick on waiver wire.
Yahoo scoring rules with passing yards changed to 20=1pt. Passing tds 6pts a TD. 1 pt for every reception(ppr).
my email is kmarsek@hotmail.com


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