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Phil Simms 11

Yahoo - export of player rankings (Draft rankings/X Rankings) & ADP

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Goal -> create a spreadsheet which shows the variance between Yahoo rankings & ADP which my leaguemates will see when we draft, and my player rankings


During the actual draft players are fed up into your list based on rankings/ADP, and as you are all familiar you scroll down and find the actual decent player or sleeper you should draft. Not everybody will do that as some will be more likely to draft the player that is fed to them by the draft interface.


So I want to create a spreadsheet in advance which will tell me what players are the ones you have to scroll farthest to get, the largest variance between what Yahoo will feed them and the actual value of the player based on my rankings.


Where can I download the yahoo rankings/ADP easily? yahoo calls it "X" rank? My league is a 0.5PPR, not sure if they have done a separate rank for that.





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