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One Coach Needed In A 13 Year Old 16 Team League

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This is a Free 16 coach league that has been around for 13 years. It is on ESPN. It is very competitive. It has three IDP positions (DL, LB, DB.) We also play our title game on the dreaded Week-17. It is set up like the NFL with two conferences and two division in each conference.


We have one team that is open that is in Division-4. It is actually a decent team with Tom Brady and Mike Evans so you will not be taking over a skunk team. And it leads the division with a (3-1) record. Here is the link to see it.




If you decide to take it, it is your team. Change the name to whatever you like.


This is the league's settings.




We do have a Pick Ems game we play for money. I am the LM and I do writes up multiple times a week and hand (and write up) out the weekly trophies. We encourage every coach to vote on all 8 match-up polls weekly to help us get the 'Upset of the Week' trophy I write us as well. There are a few of us on the live smack board every week during the game cheering our teams on.


It is also a Keeper league where you can keep 0, 1 or 2 players.


A few of the coaches are based in Michigan but some are in the west coast, we have two from Europe and many in the South. We have met each other mainly through the league, through the years.


Any other questions ask them here or email me: BKTCharlie@yahoo.com


If there is a good response here there is another team that -may- be open due to a coaches inactivity. They do just enough to stay in the league but we want them to at least vote in the match-up polls.

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Just a follow up. This team has been filled.


I did mention that another team could potentially be open due to a coach who refuses to vote on match-up polls and is the least active. I am posting it here to see what sort of feedback I get.


This team is now (3-2) after five Weeks. This is the last team that could be potentially open for a while as we have 14 very good coaches who have been with us for a long time.. some the full 13 years.




Email me at BKTCharlie@yahoo.com if interested.

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The second team has been filled and the league is full. Thank you for reading.


If you would like to be added to a waiting list then email me. At the end/beginning of every season we have one or two teams that become open. 16 team leagues are hard to maintain for 13 years.


Don't miss out it! It is a great league.


LM Dave


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