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A few Items to vote on

Vote on these League issues  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. How many teams should we have?

    • 14 and find 2 new owners
    • 12 and add the departing rosters to the draft pool
  2. 2. Free league or Pay League?

    • Keep it free, thats why I joined!
    • Lets do a $20 buy in to help spark interest

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Thanks for voting on these items. The more of a handle we can get on the directon the league is going to go, the quicker we can get to polishing this thing up.



If we do go down to 12 teams, rosters will be expanded AND I plan to move us to two - three divisions rather than the one mass free for all. Its more an aesthetics things really. 6 teams will still make the playoffs but we will have 2 or 3 division winners plus wildcards.

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I only wanted to vote on the first one, as I’m ambivalent on the second, but it won’t let me. So you can subtract my vote from the $20 buy-in tally.

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I vote for free, but I dont care about 12 vs 14 teams. Wont let me vote for just one question


I guess if we can find two quality owners then keeping it the way it is would be preferable. Keeping it at 14 teams just to add two scrub owners would be not preferable.

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