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Keeper Time - Insight Appreciated

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Standard League - Don't mind the extremely poor point scale in my league as I have no control over it


QB - 3 points for a TD, 1 point every 50 yards passing, no penalty for fumbles or interceptions

RB/WR/TE - 6 points for a TD, 2 points every 25 yards rushing or receiving, no penalty for fumbles


Top Options - I get to keep 2 players for up to 3 years.


Antonio Brown - No doubt keeper, so takes 1 of the 2 spots

Aaron Rodgers

Kenyan Drake

Mike Evans


I do have the 2nd draft position in this league so I could easily pick up one of my other keeper options players with that pick. Saquon Barkley (depending on where he is drafted) will be a target of mine at that position too.


Thank you, leave a link, and have a great off-season!

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