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Championship lineup RB/WR help w/sits, injuries, etc :(

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14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams
QB: Brady
RB: D. Freeman, Ridley, M. Brown, Gurley, Bibbs
WR: M. Jones, Westbrook, Hogan
TE: Ebron, Gates, Clay DEF: WAS, NE K: Butker


Not sure why I play this league every year, lol! This year been hit hard & dumped several unusable starters already... Currently thinking of starting:

Brady, Freeman, Brown, M.Jones, Westbrook, Ebron, Ridley (flex), Butker, NE


- I could pick up Gordon, Ty Williams, Benjamin, Hurns, Richardson, Trent Taylor, D. Thompson if they'd be a better start over Dede Westbrook? Had Gordon but his fp's steadily had gone down.

- Also, can't tell (yet?) how much Toussaint will share carries with Ridley...is Gates a better start at flex? Or in place of Brown and move Ridley to RB2?


Looks to be a sad Championship having tried to my best to pick up new top starters to replace my normal starters...


Any suggestions are much appreciated (and I know before all announcements have been made, but trying to get a jump)!

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I don't think the Jags have anything too play for.


I would go get J Gordon.


Good luck.


Revelation 20:4.

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Thanks for reading all I wrote...I know it can cause eye strain, lol


My mistake in dropping J. Gordon, but thought I had 2 solid WR's and needed as much RB depth as could get to cover bases!


So if I get J. Gordon, start him and rest is as good as I can get? If I can't get him, have a 2nd choice? Just plain craziness hehe...


And if M. Gordon can't go for the Chargers, I'd think Oliver would be a good pickup/start but in place of Ridley or Brown? Ack, too many "unknowns"...


Make sure to have a wonderous and safe New Years!! Thanks again for all your assistance :)

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