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Backup plan & figuring Bell sits, Ridley or Toussaint?

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Non-PPR. Lol, hoping for best educated opinion (guess), Weepaws! ...and any others still out there!! :)


- Appears still no official word but I need a RB or two...I picked up Ridley since he's had majority of touches over Toussaint. Good educated guess (or any word out there who may be the lead back)?


- Realized, if Bell were to play, who would I start at flex with a limited roster now (currently going with Freeman & Brown as my RB1/RB2)? Options are: Bibbs, Gates, Clay, or stay with Ridley (or pick up Toussaint if he's the lead back)?


- Lastly, thinking of dropping WAS for Oliver in case M. Gordon doesn't go (I'm starting NE). If he doesn't play, put Oliver in place of Brown or Ridley? Ekeler sounds like he'll be playing this week...


I think I need an aspirin or three for this Championship, lol!

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Ridley would be my guess.


I like Rivers vs the Raiders so I would also like Gates, I think this might be his last game, and I'm sure Rivers will look his way.


I do like Bibbs but I don't see any news about Perine on the injury list.


Dropping Wash for Oliver isn't a bad move.


I know it's tough this weekend, I'm still playing for the over all number one total points.


But it sure is fun.


Good luck.


Happy New Year.


Genesis 1:1&16&21&26&27&31.

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Thanks - yes, no word on Perine but he too sounds like a go (per Rotoworld on Thurs, he had been practicing in full).


And true, I shake my head but it does add even more "skill" to the Championship! My opponent was affected too, but thinking it's to a lesser extent (but at least on paper his team appears weaker to start, so never know)!


Good luck to you too, and have a wonderous and safe New Year!


....And go Bucky (on tonight)!! :)

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