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Sabotaged Jets

Super Bowl squares $5/square

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I couldn't find a pool to join, so I just created my own! If there is anyone out there looking to get into some squares late, or you just want to get in on another one, feel free to join!

I recently set up an online NFL Squares pool at RunYourPool named 'Super Bowl Last Minute picks'. If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow the link and fill out the form:


Rules are standard. $5 per square. (for a total of $500, minus $9.95 for website, for a prize fund of 490.05). Due to limited time to fill it, there is no limit on amount of squares. Numbers will be randomly selected once all squares are full.

Prizes are

$122.50 (1st Qtr)

$122.50 (Halftime)

$122.50 (3rd Qtr)

$122.55 (Final)

Send payment via PayPal to andrew@pugetsoundprocess.com, and any questions, etc. can be sent to that same email. All money will be paid out by end of the day tomorrow once the Super Bowl is over.


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