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Dynasty League need to fill orphans..IDP, contract, etc

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16 team IDP Dynasty Auction Salary Cap – 100% Payout*

Funds to be held at LEAGUESAFE.COM.

The GM Experience - Create a legacy by effective roster management using rookie drafts, free agent auctions, contract lengths, salary cap issues, player holdouts & franchise tags... It's going to be tough to dominate your peers year after year. Are you ready for the challenge?


  • 16 teams with All-Play Regular Season format and H2H format in playoffs (best teams will make the playoffs)
  • 53 man rosters, 8 man taxi squad, IR, etc. built to mimic NFL.
  • 2018 Salary Cap of aprroximately $180,000,000 with 5% increase each year
  • Variable length contracts for all players on your roster.
  • Manage player holdouts & retirements, apply franchise and transition tags to your players.
  • 21 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism.
  • Balanced IDP / PPR scoring.
  • 6 team Playoff structure where only the best teams qualify.
  • Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft.
  • Rookie Salaries slotted and based closely to real NFL Rookie Contracts
  • Annual Free Agent Auction and blind bidding waivers.
  • Minimum Salaries similar to the real NFL minimum salaries (based on # of yrs played)
  • Sign players off opposing franchises' practice squad just like in the NFL.
  • Holdover of 20% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have double prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years - WE ARE CURRENTLY ENTERING OUR 9TH SEASON!!
  • Large prize pools with 100% payouts (*less MFL league fees of $70/yr (~$4 per team) and site graphics of approx $60 (~$4 per team))

If interested in joining this great league, please email me at salperalta@hotmail.com and please provide a brief history of your fantasy / auction dynasty experience. We currently have 3 league openings.


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