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The War Room - 32 Team GM league w/bestball scoring - 4 Orphans available

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Looking for something different? This may be what you're looking for!

League site: http://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/50274#0

I have 4 orphans available:
AFC - Broncos (no replacement owners draft, new owner can pick up FA before the FA draft)
Bronocs Roster:
2018 Draft picks: 1.08, 1.09, 1.12, 2.14, 3.14, 4.08, 5.07, 5.08, 5.16, 6.02, 6.08, 6.13
All 2019 picks

NFC - Bears, Panthers, Giants. (NFC will have a replacement owners draft, teams will be able to pick from all available players, draft picks and FA during this draft.)

Giants roster:
2018 draft picks: 1.08, 2.08, 3.08, 4.08, 5.08, 6.08
All 2019 picks

Bears Roster:
2018 draft picks: 1.09, 2.09,3.09,3.14,4.09,5.09,6.09, 6.14
All 2019 picks

Panthers Roster:
2018 draft picks: 1.11, 2.11,3.11,4.11, 5.11, 6.11

NFC Full Free Agent listing:

The league is set up to mainly focus on GM activities, so most of time commitment is during the off-season.
In-season management will be minimal since you won't be setting weekly lineups. But, you'll still have Blind Bid Waivers, Trades, and Taxi Squad "Swipes".

32 team hybrid with In season management and bestball scoring.
An offensive dominate league, with 4 IDP instead of the traditional DEF spot.
Offensive scoring similar to FFPC with a few tweaks (http://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=50274&O=09) and great IDP scoring recommended by the guys at "Pro Football Focus" (https://www.profootballfocus.com/the-pf ... revisited/) that makes IDP relevant.

A great and unique Regular season schedule.
Unique Taxi squad and Blind Bid waiver $ Rules
32 teams, 2 conferences, 8 divisions organized into the NFL structure.
Each conference will hold drafts separately with their own player pool (2 sets of players).
27 man rosters, 10 man taxi squad, IR
11 starters, QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, DL, LB, DB, DFLEX
2 Inaugural drafts for Veterans and Rookies.
Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft.
Annual off season free agent draft
2 Blind bid and 1 FCFS waiver sessions per week.
Active trading encouraged
We have adopted a FFPC dynasty style cut down Instead of salary cap and contracts.
Each year during the "off-season roster cut-down" each team can protect a maximum of 12 Offensive players and 7 Individual Defensive Players (IDP).

The entry fee is only $54.38 yr ($50 + 4.38 site fee [$140 deluxe league/32] )
Teams are required to be paid up 2 years in advance at all times.
Total amount due is $108.76

Leaguesafe for all funds w/majority approval for payouts.

If you're interested, email me @ danielbirch680@gmail.com


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