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Expanding our league

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I currently run the following 8 team league:



Yes I know, who the hell wants to join an 8 team league. Well we are also looking at expanding the league.


Before I get to far into the weeds, I want to first announce there is one orphaned team. It has been renamed to "Abandoned Team 1". To highlight a few key players, the team has Cam Newton, Kamara, Melvin Gordon, JuJu, Tyreek, Joey Bosa. Ah did I mention this was IDP? The team has all rookie picks in place, and will draft from the 7th position(1st round is 1.07). As for the contracts and salaries, when the league is filled the official league season starts. At this time, all contract years decrease by 1, and salaries increase by 20% except for the following whose 2018 salaries are shown:

Johnson, Duke - $53

Hill, Tyreek - $54

Bosa, Joey - $15

Brown, Zack - $26

Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha - $12

I didn't mention this was a salary and contract league either. let me elaborate on everything before you get scared off.


This gets me to some of the "weeds" portion I mentioned. This league is quite different from normal dynasty leagues, and normal IDP leagues which many may be used to. If you look at the rules, they can be overwhelming and confuse many. I don't expect everyone to remember every rule. In fact, most of my current owners don't remember them and will need to ask questions. We use Mazey (live group chat), which allows for easy communication for when there are questions. Also, with the rules, I handle most of the intricacies and most owners just tell me what they want to do and I handle the rest. To clearly identify some of the nuances we use which many players are used to:

Franchise and Transition tags - these can be used to tag any players whose contracts are getting ready to expire. If you read the rules you will see all sorts of crazy formulas and how salaries are figured, again, if an owner says "I want to apply a transition tag to Player John, I work up the math and inform the owner of what the upcoming salary will be.


Holdouts - We use this to ensure top level players receive compensation for what they are worth in regards to their peers. Same thing, crazy formulas, but I do all the back end work and inform owners who has holdouts and what their salaries are...see the players from the abandoned teams? Those are their 2018 holdout salaries if accepted.


Extensions - This is a new rule enacted this season. In most dynasty leagues, owners get a player, they keep them forever unless dropped or traded. Same type of concept, where players can have contracts extended and owners can keep players for a long period of time. Still requires some math but same as tags, tell me and I do the math and just give you the output. I am the league calculator.


RFAs - another newer concept, and this really won't come into play until 2022. But this essentially allows owners who give a long term contract to have first dibs on the player if they wish to retain them.


Veteran Auction - slow auction which runs over the summer. The budget is what teams have remaining under their salary cap. At the end of the auction, teams have a certain number of contracts which may be allocated. Each season, a team can allocate two 5 year, four 4 year, six 3 year, and eight 2 year contracts. All others will be one year.


Free agent waivers - blind bidding is used for waivers. Again, the budget is what is remaining for a teams salary cap.


8 round rookie draft, usually a couple weeks after NFL draft. Teams can assign the following rookie contracts: one 5 year, two 4 years, three 3 years, unlimited 2 years.


For those wanting to come in as an expansion, here is the key information for you. Because we are wanting to expand to 4 teams instead of the normal two for which our rules allow, the rules on the site will not apply. This is how it will work:

Current owners will protect up to 8 players. There will be a cap of 3 players per position. For example, an owner could not protect 4 WRs.

Once protected, a random generator will be used to set a draft order for the expansion draft. The draft order will be opposite for the first 4 picks of the rookie rounds. To clarify, the team drafting 1.01 of the expansion draft will draft 1.04 of the upcoming rookie draft. The expansion owners may trade their expansion draft picks around to affect rookie picks. For example the team with 1.01 of the expansion draft values rookies and the owner of the 1.01 of the rookie draft values veterans. They could swap positions.


Once draft positions are set, the expansion draft will commence. Each team will draft for eight rounds in standard order (1-4, 1-4, etc).

At the end of the expansion draft, owners will have a one time offer of the following allocated contracts, one 5 year, one 4 year, two 3 year, unlimited 2 year.


After completion of the expansion draft and contract allocation, owners may participate in all league activities such as trading and dropping players.


In an effort to try and gain as much parity as we can in the league, compensatory picks will be given to each team at the end of even numbered rounds in opposite order of rookie draft order. For example, 2.01 will have a compensatory pick at position 2.16, and 2.04 will have a compensatory pick at 2.13. With the additional picks, the expansion teams will also have the following rookie contract allocation, added tot he rookie contracts listed above: one 4 year, and one 3 year.


Additional changes to occur with expansion:

Currently we are set up with two divisions. These will be eliminated. We will go to one division. Each team will play everyone at least once, then two "specialized" weeks. These specialized weeks will be week 7 and week 13. Week 7, the current top team will play the current second team, and so on (1vs2, 3vs4, 5vs6, etc). Week 13 will be rivalry week. This can either be selected for you, or if you have a specific team you want to coordinate with, or a revenge game from previous seasons you can do so.


With more league fees, payouts will change as well. On to the league fees, the annual dues are $50. Because I want to get this league filled and the league year started, I will cover the cost for the first season for the abandoned team and all 4 expansion teams; however, I will require at least 50% of league fees for 2019 by the start of the NFL regular season. Because I know the guys in my league, I have always accepted paypal or collected directly from the different owners. I know there are a lot of shits out there who have screwed people over and I understand people having trust issues. Because of this, I will set up a leaguesafe. I could easily sit here and say how much I can be trusted, but you don't know me any more than I do you.


Also looking to change up the league name. I just came up with it on the fly with some google searches. It was never intended to be permanent. Would like the entire league to be involved with this. We can even explore ideas of coming up with a league theme. Once we get it filled we can discuss further.


So the information above is quite extensive and it does seem like a whole lot, but like I said most of the work is on me. I am also very responsive in our league chat app. I may be delayed due to being at work, but I will get you an answer at some point during the day. The current owners we have are all pretty receptive as well, so often they can help with answering questions. The only thing I ask is people be active. I get everyone has real life bleep to deal with; work and family, from time to time personal issues, if something were to come up just a quick not to me or the rest of the league with a quick "hey, going to be unavailable for a couple of weeks" or whatever is perfectly acceptable, no questions asked.


I really enjoy this league already and I am even more excited to add some more teams to the fold. Hoping to hear from you interested owners. Once you review the league site, the information I provided above, and the rules on the site, please email me if you are interested:


If interested in the orphan team, put Orphan Team in the subject.

If interested in being an expansion team, put Expansion Team in the subject.

If interested but "what the hell is this guy talking about?" put Interested but WTF in the subject with your questions.


The email address is cmglezen@gmail.com

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