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Need one owner for an orphan team $100 MFL dynasty league

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I have one spot available. Here is the team and the league bylaws. You also have picks 3, 15 and 27. In the upcoming 3 round rookie draft. $100 buy in. Email me at jyaniscavich@yahoo.com if you have interest or any further questions.





Bortles, Blake JAC QB 349.43 - FA Trade

Cousins, Kirk MIN QB 377.87 - FA Trade

Lynch, Paxton DEN QB 14.30 - FA Trade

Palmer, Carson FA QB 135.07 - FA Trade

Clement, Corey PHI RB 117.40 - FA Trade

Freeman, Devonta ATL RB (Q) 269.20 - FA Trade

Hill, Jeremy NEP RB 23.20 - FA Trade

Kelley, Rob WAS RB (Q) 54.20 - FA Trade

Martin, Doug OAK RB 103.00 - FA Trade

McGuire, Elijah NYJ RB 100.20 - FA Trade

Miller, Lamar HOU RB 253.50 - FA Trade

West, Charcandrick KCC RB 83.20 - FA Trade

Benjamin, Kelvin BUF WR 166.20 - FA Trade

Coleman, Corey CLE WR 82.50 - FA Trade

Cooper, Amari OAK WR 194.40 - FA Trade

Cooper, Pharoh LAR WR 28.00 - FA Trade

Dorsett, Phillip NEP WR 40.10 - FA Trade

Edelman, Julian NEP WR (Q) - - FA Trade

Higgins, Rashard CLE WR 82.60 - FA Trade

Hurns, Allen DAL WR 128.40 - FA Trade

Nelson, J.J. ARI WR 117.50 - FA Trade

Smith, Torrey CAR WR 103.70 - FA Trade

Watkins, Sammy KCC WR 181.30 - FA Trade

Bennett, Martellus FA TE 69.60 - FA Trade

Seferian-Jenkins, Austin JAC TE 119.70 - FA Trade




League Constitution & Bylaws



League Commitment


This is a dynasty league so it's a league that is intended to be around for many years. Please do not join the league if you plan on bailing. I started this league in hopes of finding very active and very dedicated owners that would be committed for the long term.

If someone drops out I will post their team to the many message boards out there and Twitter to try and fill their spot. If more then one team drops out in a year I will still post that we have available spots open but all the players from those rosters will be put into a snake draft and drafted by the new owners of the teams. We will have a mini expansion draft.

I hope no one drops out and we can keep the same owners together for a long time


League Activity


Try to be as active as possible. I want all owners to be engaged and active during the season and in the offseason.


Being active means:

Checking the site frequently

Checking your email

Being active on the message board

Using the groupme app set up for the league

Responding to trade offers. (Either by accepting the trade. Declining the trade. Or countering the trade offer.) Please try to respond to trade offers.

Being active in the offseason


I recommend everyone go to League Menu/For Owners/Franchise Setup/Wireless and you can link your cell phone to get any alerts you want from the league.


League Integrity


There will be a NO TANKING RULE implemented. By tanking I mean benching all of your starters for lesser players to assure you get a better draft pick the following year. I don't want guys that aren't in the playoff race to just start benching players to purposely lose to try and get a better pick the following year. This is absolutely unacceptable. Next thing you know we have 4-5 teams not even starting real lineups and that's no good for the league. Just start what you consider to be your best lineup every week. Tanking is not trading players for future picks or injured players you think can help you in the future. This is absolutely acceptable.


Examples of tanking and not tanking


Benching your entire lineup for lesser guys - TANKING

Benching players for injured players - TANKING

Benching players for players on bye - TANKING

Benching players for players that aren't playing but are on your roster for the future (example - benching Aaron Rodgers for Christian Hackenberg) - TANKING


Benching a player for a player because you feel the matchup is better - NOT TANKING

Trading a player or players for an injured player (example - trading Player A for an injured David Johnson because you feel David Johnson can help you next year and in future years) - NOT TANKING

Trading a player or players for future picks - (example - you aren't really in the playoff hunt and you have a player or a few players you'd like to move for future picks to help your team down the road) - NOT TANKING


Anyone considered tanking will be held to a league vote and if the majority of the league feels he has broken the NO TANKING RULE that team will be stripped of their first round pick the following year.


Each owner will be held accountable for setting weekly rosters. Owners must roster enough players to fill their lineups completely during the regular season (Week 1- Week 13)


In addition to this, lineup must be complete for each week of the regular season.


If you do not comply, strike one will be a warning. A second offense will cost your team its next available 3rd round rookie draft pick. A third offense will cost an owner his next available 2nd round pick, and a fourth offense will cost the owner his next available 1st round pick.


These rules may seem harsh, but theyre really not. There really is no excuse to have an incomplete lineup more than once during a season. If Im being 100% honest, it should never happen at all.

The purpose of this rule is to protect against tanking.



League Payment


League Buy-in fee will be $100 a year. In the initial start up year the fee will need to be paid before the start up draft. In each following year it will need to be paid before the rookie draft. There is also a league fee charged by the league host site myfantasyleague.com. That league fee will be split evenly between all owners. We will use League Safe to collect fees and pay out winnings. The league cannot draft unless all teams have paid in full. If you do not pay before the leagues due date (which will be posted every year) or have not contacted the commissioner about making your payment I will have to assume you have abandoned your team and will start looking for replacements. I will post the league fee due date every year months in advance to give owners time to pay.


League Payouts


1st Place - $700

2nd Place - $300

Total points (through week 16) - $200


We will use League Safe to collect the money and pay out winnings.




25 total roster spots with 2 IR spots

















League Scoring


On the league homepage go to League Menu/Reports/Rules/League Scoring


League Settings


On the league homepage go to League Menu/Reports/Rules/League Settings.


Please make sure to go over all the rules and settings before joining the league. Once in the league please go over the league rules and settings before drafting. We don't need anybody saying that they didn't know this was a rule half way through the season.




Playoffs are Weeks 14, 15 & 16. The top 8 teams in order of standings will make the playoffs.


1st seed will play 8th seed

2nd seed will play 7th seed

3rd seed will play 6th seed

4th seed will play 5th seed


Winners of their matchups will continue to move on until we have a champion in Week 16.



Trade Rules


Trades will be processed immediately. It is my philosophy that no trade should be overturned unless there is a clear imbalance in the trade. No owner knows how much another owner values certain players. Especially in dynasty. With draft picks and rookies being involved in a lot of trades we don't know how other owners value players or picks. The only way a trade will be overturned is if there is a clear unbalance in the trade. For example Team A trades Odell Beckham to Team B for a future 2nd round pick. If there ever is a trade that I or other members in the league deem very unbalanced or feel the parties involved are trying to cheat all sides will get to argue their case on why they feel this is a fair/unfair trade. Hopefully this is a very rare situation. Please just have some integrity and do not try to cheat.



There is a trade deadline. No trades will be allowed starting the kickoff of the first game of Week 12. Trades will be allowed to be made again starting the kickoff of Week 17.


You are able to trade draft picks up to 2 years into the future. For example for the 2017 season you can trade 2018 and 2019 rookie draft picks.


Free Agent Rules


Free Agents never lock. You can pick up players all through out the season and offseason.


This league uses a blind bidding waiver system. Each team has 300 blind bidding dollars to use. Minimum bid is 0 blind bidding dollars.


Blind bid waivers are processed every Wednesday and Saturday at 5:00am ET. Any player not claimed off waivers is free to pick up on a first come first serve basis. In the offseason all available players are free to pick up on a first come first serve basis.


Injured Reserve


You can only put a player on IR if the player is consider out or on IR for his NFL team.


Start-Up Draft


The start up draft will be held once the league is filled and everyone pays the league fees. The draft order will be determined randomly by myfantasyleague.com and all owners will receive an email regarding how the draft order was generated. The start-up draft will be a 25 round serpentine snake draft including 2017 rookies and veteran players. The draft will be a slow running email style draft with an 8 hour pick time limit. Owners who run out of time when on the clock will be autodrafted.


Rookie Draft


The annual rookie draft will be a 3 round rookie draft that only includes that current years rookies. The draft order will be set by the previous seasons record from worst to first. Worst being the team with the worst record and first being the team who wins the championship. The draft order will remain the same in every round. The rookie draft is not a serpentine draft.


During the rookie draft players can be dropped as you go. Owners do not have to drop a certain number of players before the draft. However, at the conclusion of the draft, everyone must be at or below the maximum number of 25 roster spots. Immediately before and during the draft, rosters may be expanded to 30 players. All owners must return to 25 roster spots by the conclusion of the draft. The following day, the commissioner will set the limit back to 25 maximum players and manually drop players on teams that are not in compliance based on the descending order of most recent players acquired.


The rookie draft will also be a slow running email style live draft with an 8 hour pick time limit. If an owner runs out of time when on the clock they will be autodrafted.

The rookie draft will usually be held a week after the NFL draft.




Finally at any time if I have made a mistake setting something up and something goes wrong or there is a loophole the commissioner will be allowed to reverse the action and fix the problem if it is for the good of the entire league.





Any questions, comments or concerns feel free to let me know.





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