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Keeper League Trade Advice

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Year 2 of a PPR keeper league. Passing TDs are worth 6pts. We keep 6 players with a min-max of QB 1-2, WR 1-3, RB 1-3, TE 1-2. No lost draft spots for keepers. I have 6th pick in a snake draft.


Got offered Russell Wilson and a 4th rd pick for Jordan Howard and Matt Ryan (Ryan only included cause Wilson is his only rostered QB). Drake would move into my 2nd RB keeper slot. Is the downgrade in RB worth the QB upgrade? I've seen some keeper rankings with Drake right beside Howard and some where he's way below.


Current roster with keepers and possible trade bait players.

Matt Ryan

Dalvin Cook

Jordan Howard

Kenyan Drake

AJ Green

Adam Thielen

Alshon Jeffery

Devin Funchess

Trey Burton

Jack Doyle

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I would keep the RB depth, Cook is coming of an ACL tear and Drake isn't exactly a sure thing. Howard isn't in the most reliable spot. So you don't have two reliable RBs, you barely have one. It's not like you have Zeke and Fournette or something. With the three you have some depth though.

No guarantee that Wilson is better than Ryan either.

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