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$40 Lineup Challenge on MFL.com - Over 100 teams - Submit Lineup Each Week

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Are you interested in joining the Lineup Challenge we have going on MFL.com (myfantasyleague.com)

For the playoffs last year we had 97 teams and many of them were interested in doing a season long version.

This is a different from your usual league as you can basically pick whoever you want each week.

Doesnt matter who you are, and what kind of football knowledge you have, you have a chance to win money each week.

$40 entry via Leaguesafe.

Here is what it entails.

- Submitting your best or ideal lineup every week, all season long.

- you can only pick the same player 8 times all year long (that way you can't leave, say LeVeon Bell in your lineup all year long, make us think a bit)

- roster spots are 2 QB, 2-4 RBs, 2-6 WRs, 1-3 TEs

- we use PPR decimal scoring (get credit for each yard gained)

here is a link league to browse around (hope you can view it)


Payouts are roughly (may change due to # of participants)

$50 Highest Team Score Each week (x 17 Weeks)

Remaining Balance

1st - 43%

2nd - 23%

3rd - 15%

4th - 10%

5th - 5%

6th - 3%

7th - 1%

Email me to join and mention MFL , I have many leagues and want to get you into the right league.


Message me if you would be interested in the playoff version of this, so i can message you at that time of year.


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