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ADP adjustment

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So in my keeper league, we have 23 players already slotted to draft picks. As a result, the ADP for the remaining players are a little skewed. Would I be able to manually adjust ADPs so I have more clear predictor when a player might go off the board or any other suggestion?

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I do find the numbers spit out by ADP a little odd sometimes, and therefore pay more attention to the order. Even on the offense tab I scan the lowest numbers of available players to see who I expect to go next.


I suppose what you could do is try adjusting the adp by converting the existing number - say Amari Cooper, 4.01 - to a single integer, and then adjust for the kept players.


4.01 would become 4 x 12 + (1 - 1) = pick 48. Then subtract 23 from that, bringing him down to 25. Covert back if you like...


=CONCATENATE(FLOOR(25/12),".",IF(25-(FLOOR(25/12)*12)+1<10,0,""),25-(FLOOR(25/12)*12)+1) ... this should work out to 2.01


Put your formulas in a blank column to the right on your offense tab (do not insert any columns), and then once calculated for all players you can copy the results, and paste special > as values, back into the ADP columns on your offense tab.

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