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how do you like my draft

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10 team ppr league had the 10th pick:16 rds

1st round: gordon(sd)

2nd round: fournette(jack)


4th( thielen)

5th( olson)car

6th (hyde) cle

7th (thompson)wash

8th (crabtree)

9th (cohen)chi

10th (garcon)

11th Mohommes(kc)

12th (fuller) hou

13th( chargers)

14th yeldon( jac) cuff

15th mariota( tenn

16th winston (tb) I left to watch tv in between picks and forgot and the computer auto pick both qbs. but replace winston with k gano(car)

17th gallop(dal)

18th eckler(sd) cuff

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