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Week 1 team improvements

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Ok- week one is just about over

I picked up one free agent before kickoff on Thursday- then the site would not allow any more drop/ adds

Was that pick up legal?


My tram needs some damn help-


How do waivers work in this league?

How many players can I pick up in a week?

Is there a specific day for waivers?

Is there an add/ drop option after waivers during the week?


Need to go deep and take some gambles- but Ive got lots of garbage to dump

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You shouldn't have been blocked from any pickups between Thursday and Sunday other than Falcons or Eagles players as well as anyone already dropped earlier in FCFS. If you were, that would have been a screw up.


Waivers are processed on Wednesday, I'm not sure what time offhand, I think evenings in the US. It's worst to first. You can go as many rounds as you like and the order each week reverts to worst-to-first with each passing week. Then after waivers are FCFS waivers throgh each team's kickoff.

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