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Should I do this trade (auction keeper league)

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The trade would be Tevin Coleman for Diggs. He's got Freeman and no 2nd RB for this week (he picked up J Allen but didn't start him). IF he's willing to do this trade, would you do it if you're me? My team:


QB: Wilson, A Smith

RB: McCaffrey, Howard, Coleman, Barber, Mack

WR: Sanders, Cooper, Lockett, , Funchess

TE: Ertz

Practice squad: CJ Anderson & Guice

kicker and defense (who really care, right?)


Considering I've got McCaffrey and Howard, I think I'm better off making this deal but want your thoughts. Only other thing to note: drafted players are 2 year deals. At the end of the year we can keep 6 PLUS if we had someone on practice squad all year, we can keep them as well and get to keep them for 2 more years. You can also keep someone for the 3rd year at double their salary. In this case, I've got Tevin for $1 so he would be able to keep him next year for $2. He kept Diggs at double his salary this year ($8 this year) so he'll be a free agent next year.


Follow-up: If he says no, would you do: Coleman for Gordon


Much thanks and if you've got a topic leave the link....

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