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Bill E.

Having a lot of fun in my $20 Local league

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Has anyone won a league with half their players from one team?


10 team league. Currently #2 seed at 8-4 and should win today.. In playoffs already. I did not take it very serious at the draft and I am a Steeler fan so here is my team for this year.





K. Johnson/Ingram/Martin


Various (Usually Lockett or Tate)

*V. McDonald


*Pit D


I got lucky a lot with match-ups, and I may not win but have been having a lot of fun watching PIT this year.

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Glad you're having fun.

I always wanted to try a fantasy football league with a whole team for the roster. Not to sure how that would work for a schedule with bye weeks. But I thought it was an interesting idea.

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I had a friend do this a few years ago, big Broncos fan, the year before Peyton sucked. He won a lot of games but did not win the championship. Also, having most of your starting lineup on bye the same week is better than having 3-4 weeks of bye shuffling. One guaranteed L vs potentially 3-4 Ls depending on your bench.

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