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RB nightmare

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SO, two weeks ago, RB was my strength....Even able to sit on an injured Kerryon thinking I would never need him, but alas, Hunt got cut while I was in Germany and sleeping, so my opponenet got Ware. Now Connor is out, and Gus Edwards is Questionable. Perfect timing for all of this!


2 weeks ago:








RB's as of now:


Chubb - thank god I got this guy or else I'd be dead for sure

Connor - out for who knows how long

Jaylen Samuels - committee? Really? Come on Tomlin.

Gus Edwards - Questionable

Kerryon - will he ever play again? didn't even practice last week so not looking good so far for this week


So at least I know I can start Chubb this week, against Carolina does not bode well. Which of these other would you roll out as RB2. Standard scoring. Leaning towards Edwards if healthy. Not sure I trust Samuels as I'm hearing committee out of Pitt, but seriously, they've not done that before. What a difference 2 weeks can make, less than 2 weeks actually, really just a few days. Oy!

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Chubb for sure. I’m leaning towards Jaylen over Gus myself this week in my main league. I think Jaylen will end up with a solid receiving game and do good on the ground with Ridley maybe getting 10 carries if that. Gus might not get as much carries this week if the Chiefs get a 14+ lead.


See mine please:


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Chubb and Johnson if he’s back m

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