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End of Season Keeper Question’s

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I annually throw this question out there right at the end of the season and once again before a new year of Fantasy Football to gauge opinions. A lot can happen in an offseason.


In each league it is Standard scoring. I can only keep a player for 2 kept seasons and I have how long I have kept them next to the player. After 2 years of keeping a player I either have to throw them back into the draft pool or trade then prior to the trade deadline in the 2nd kept year.


Please PICK 2 keepers and thank you.




David Johnson - kept 1 year already

Antonio Brown - kept 1 year already

DeAndre Hopkins

Joe Mixon

Michael Thomas


Initial thoughts are DeAndre Hopkins and David Johnson. AB would be the obvious choice if I havent already kept him for 1 year before as I think Hopkins has more dynasty value right now. AB continues to be top dog at the WR position almost every year so it is a tough call. David Johnson had a down year, but still scored enough TDs to be a viable option. If the Cardinals offense doesnt continue to suck next year he has the skill set and talent to be a top 5 RB easy.




Todd Gurley - obvious keeper

Joe Mixon

Nick Chubb

Zach Ertz

Robert Woods


Initial thoughts Gurley and Mixon. Chubb is tempting as it seems like he hits the home run more than Mixon. Like the brass of the Browns a little more than the Bengals right now.

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Hopkins and Johnson.


And Gurley and Chubb.

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