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Just curious - line up check, mostly on my RBs

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14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams
QB: Mahomes, Watson
RB: Kamara, Washington, C.J. Anderson, Wilson, Edwards, Dixon, Howard
WR: JuJu, M.V.S, Reynolds
TE: Everett DEF: CLE K: Butker


Starting: Mahomes, C.J. Anderson, Wilson, Edwards, JuJu, M.V.S, Everett, Butker, CLE


Mostly wondering if swap Edwards (volume, but is td-dependent) out for Washington.


update: Kamara's inactive just not sure if Washington will get the volume playing with Bridgewater, the backup line, etc & produces enough better than Edwards?


I see Howard (he and Cohen may only play 1st half), Dixon, Kamara staying on my bench...what you all think (also good matchup for Reynolds, but Goff lately & being their WR3 has me benching him)?


Thanks and good luck to all :)

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