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Largish poor visibility cans

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Spinoff off the spinoff...


My daughter goes to school with this kid, whose mom has the biggest boobs Ive ever seen in my life. Theyre pretty good buds, so weve met said mom at a few birthday parties and play outings.


Well, apparently she was recently on some reality show called Botched. Come to find out she has some sort of filling port on the side of her boobs, in which her husband injects the silicon himself. As youll see from the video below, he might not be the most qualified boob filler upper.




Whats the largest boobs you geeks have man painted all over? I banged a chick with FF before. Was a very fun time while she was on top. Missionary, not so much. Her titties just sort of rag dolled to the side and took a nap on the mattress. Good times.

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