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Saquon wins NFL ROY

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Baker Mayfield had the most impressive rookie season in a generation. If any rookie QB should have won that award in the last, I dunno, 15 years, it would be him. By the end of the season he was calling out protections, changing plays at the line, throwing strikes, a total field general. Tied Peyton Manning for most rookie TD passes. He carved up the Ravens defense in his last game.


No knock on Saquon, but not giving this to Mayfield is gonna look pretty bad in a few years.

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From Riley McAtee of the Ringer:


'Overall, Mayfield ranked outside the top 10 of qualified QBs in adjusted net yards per attempt, passer rating, QBR, completion percentage, touchdown percentage, and virtually any other statistic imaginable. He was a bit better by more advanced metrics (Pro Football Focus handed him its ninth-highest grade for any QB) and he showed massive promise for a rookie. But there were many quarterbacks better than him in 2018.


Meanwhile, Barkley dominated both the running and passing games for the Giants. With a league-leading 2,028 scrimmage yards to go with 15 total touchdowns, the rookie was arguably the best running back in all of football

This award doesn’t have the word “valuable” in it, so it was unclear whether voters would side with the more impressive player in Barkley, or the more important one in Mayfield. There was no bad choice here, but in the end, the AP narrowly went with Barkley'.


Interesting enough take. I would have voted Baker, but that's because his impact on the city of Cleveland was like a shot of adrenaline.

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It's a lot easier to play as a rookie RB rather than a rookie QB. This should be taken into account when choosing ROY.


Playing the most important and complex position on the team as it relates to winning football games, especially when the defense isn't tops in the league and the team record was only 4-44 in their previous 3 years, and also helping the team to 7-8-1 record, Mayfield was more impressive to me than an RB who got good numbers on a total of 382 rush attempts + passing targets (352 touches overall).

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This is one of the few times I wouldn't have minded the cop out co-ROY award.

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I assume my answer from the GC is good for here as well


Barkley was one of the 3 best RB's in the NFL this year, Barkley had over 2000 yards from scrim, 15 TD's and 90+ receptions, 2nd in the league in rushing, 3rd in rec for RB's

Baker was what the 22nd best QB in the league via Total QBR, 24th in completion %, 17th in yards, 11th in TD's, 5th most in INT's, 11th in YPA, 18th in rating

statistically its not even close



to which Riversco says


By the end of the year, Baker Mayfield was the best rookie QB the NFL has seen since probably Peyton Manning. If ANY rookie QB was going to win this award in the 21st century, it'd be Baker Mayfield. If you can't give it to him, why even have this award?


to which I respond, and win thread


your kidding right????????

Dak Prescott had a better rookie year than both of them going 13-3 starting every game as a 3rd round draft pick, had a 67.8% completion rate and a 25-4 td/int

Luck led team to 11-5 had 4400 yards and 28 tds

Wilson had 3100 yards passing another 500 rushing and 30 td's to 10 ints

Cam had 4000 yards passing another 700 rushing and 35 tds

RG3 had 3200 yards rushing, 800 passing 27 tds to only 5 ints

but yah you are close, I mean really, Baker was much better than any of them

sometimes I wonder if people just like to say stuff without even having anything to back it up

btw that Peyton guy you mentioned

3800 yards, 26 tds, 28 INTS


then shifts back to the RB is easier than QB argument

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