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2019 NBA Playoffs Fantasy Tournament

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Reserve Your Spot Now! - Fantasy Basketball is far from being done!

Starts - April 14th / First day of NBA Playoffs and runs through NBA Finals.

Entry - $10.00 per team, can enter up to 5 teams.

Payment Deadline - April 12th 11:00 pm CST Unpaid teams will be deleted.

Fees & Prizes Paid Through - LeagueSafe https://leaguesafe.com/join/3894562

Tournament Hosted on - Fantasypostseason.com

Rules of play -


-Each team will choose ONE player from the slate of playoff games each day there are games. This will continue throughout the course of the entire NBA Playoffs.

-Each player can only be used ONCE through the course of the entire NBA Playoffs. Once a player is used the system will take him out of your player pool available to you choose from for the rest of the NBA postseason. So choose your players wisely, this format requires a strategic approach.

- After each day, the score from the player you chose that day will be added to your overall score.

- A leader-board will keep track of all scores, and update daily.

- At the end of the NBA postseason the top ten scores will win a part of the prize pool as described in the Prize section.

Complete Details Attached in PDF http://bit.ly/2019NBATourney

2019 NBA Playoffs Showdown.pdf

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