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Doug Baldwin, Kam Chancellor cut by Seahawks

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Think they both retire now. 

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Didn't  really think Doug was gonna go. It was the last year of his contract, so I thought he'd  try to stick it out. Even if he started the year on the pup list. I hear he was waiting for this before making his formal announcement. 

Best wishes to both, and thanks for the memories. 

This will free up about an additional 16 million for Seattle starting next year. 10 for Kam, and 6 for Doug. As both were set to have their signing bonuses done after this season. I'd guess that's probably right around what resigning Bobby Wagner would look like.

Really puts them in great position. They are a very young team. Only 2 big time FA's next year, Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed. Should have around 80 million in cap room. And will have a lot of draft picks.

I think we have a 1st, 2-2nds, 2-3rds, 2-4ths, and a 5th. So the future looks very bright.


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