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$75 NFL Pick 5 Games - Against the Spread Pick 'Em (30+ people) $2,500+ prize pool

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Looking for more people for the $75 NFL Pick 'Em pool on runyourpool.com

We pick 5 games ATS each week and that's it.
If you go 5-0 you win a prize for the week, prize is TBA, Will depend on how many people enter.
If no one goes 5-0, the prize is rolled over to the next week. If more than one person goes 5-0, the prize is split between those people.

There is also prizes for overall for the season

We has 25 people last year @ $50 entry, and had $20 a week, hopefully we get more.

We also have other pick em and survivor contests on ESPN if you want to pick more than 5.

End of the year payouts will be dependant on how many people we have as well

Here are the settings, if you can see 'em

All funds handled through leaguesafe

email me for an invite to join Freezang_@hotmail.com and mention ATS Pick 5

Commish entry is 'complimentary' in any leagues over 40 people.

if you are interested in any other survivors, or fantasy leagues (96 team super leagues or even 12/14 team leagues) etc, see this page

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