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So, I'm in a 10 team, PPR, 2 keeper league.

My two keepers are gonna be Chubb and Melvin Gordon. So, I have put some insurance in place with a trade that will go through barring a Gordon signing or Injury. If Gordon signs before our draft(the 26th of Aug), I will keep Gordon and Chubb  The trade is as follows :

I give Chubb, my 5th pick and a swap of 1st picks(moving down 3 spots from 6th to 9th) and receive Dalvin Cook and ODB. 

Being a 2 keeper league, our 1st roundstarts at 21 overall, so my 5th pick is really like a 7th rounder and is there really a big separation between picks 26 and 29?? A

Also, our keeper rules are we can keep a player 3 times, then they go back in the draft. Dalvin has this year and next left on his keeper schedule and this will be ODBs fist year as a keeper since going back in last year and getting redrafted. 


What are some opinions on this trade terms? Just curious! Thanks y'all!


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