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1st year/time since 1989 not playing fantasy football

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This may be my last year, for IBL anyway.  We have slow drafts going (my slot started this morning) and I have no enthusiasm (sorry SkiBum... :( ).  Maybe I'll rally, we'll see, but the draft is the most fun part of this league.  I'll draft and all, but doubt I'll work trades as in past years.

As a testament to the decrease of FF interest, in IBL we used to easily get 8 sites and 96 total owners, with people waiting to make squads.  Now we have entire sites missing, my site (ex-FFLW) doesn't have a full roster, etc.

My deep keeper league will be tougher to leave.  We had our 30th draft in Vegas last year; most of these guys have been around for decades, we worked at the same companies, and I consider them friends IRL.  

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