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5 Rnd Draft(30 mins.) 4 ORPHANS in 4 different Leagues, $110 DYNASTY IDP PPR Start16 Roster30 12Team Top6 CASH, WIN $1K, MFL Commish Since '05

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Franchise #12, BLACK League, 6TH Pick in each round of the 5 Round Draft, (30 Min. Draft on Aug. 25th at 5:30pm ET)

Franchise #14, BLUE League, 9TH Pick in each round of the 5 Round Draft, (30 Min. Draft on Aug. 25th at 4:15pm ET)

Franchise #30, DIAMOND League, 1ST Pick in each round of the 5 Round Draft, (30 Min. Draft on Aug. 24th at 5:30pm ET)

Franchise #63, CIRCLE League, 3RD Pick in each round of the 5 Round Draft, (30 Min. Draft on Aug. 24th at 3:00pm ET)


The TOP 6 CASH in EVERY League!

6X Champs Win $500!
1X Grand Champs Win $1000

5 Round Dynasty Draft Each Season / 30 Man Rosters / Keep 25 + 2 Taxi


Experience being an owner in a league with staying power. From the feedback I get each year, I can tell you the Franchise Owners love it! All of our leagues are full each year, with extremely low turnover. If you like fair and competitive IDP/PPR/DYNASTY balanced scoring formats, you really should buy an available orphan before it's too late. We have a very strict 1st Come 1st Serve membership policy, so if any franchise is unpaid, it's available. I have been the Commish since day one, and I answer every call, text and question posed to me. In fact, I encourage you all to ask questions, because I've learned that the most informed owners are winners. ONLY one Orphan Franchise is available in the BLACK League. ONLY two Orphan Franchise are available in the BLUE League. ONLY One Orphan Franchise is available in the DIAMOND League, and ONLY One Orphan Franchise is available in the CIRCLE League.

ALL other Teams are Paid in Full!
KEEP 25 of 30 + 2 Taxi, NO TRADES, Dynasty Owners love it!


DRAFT IS ON Sunday, Aug. 25th at 6pm ET

8 Starters on O and 8 Starters on D!


If you are looking for a Professional Fantasy Football League with a fun, high scoring format, Pro Players FFL has a few openings for the 2019 season. Pro Players League Home (ID = 11447) is now up and running on MFL.

My name is Chris Cox. I have been the Pro Players MFL Commissioner (MyFantasyLeague.com) Since 2005. All leagues are verifiable, the league links are posted clearly on the PPFFL.com Home Page, all of which are paid and completed or current MFL Leagues. I am a verified PayPal Merchant and I post my email and phone number clearly on the home page and always have. I make payouts in any way you need them to be sent. I am readily available for all Franchise Owners by cell phone/text and email. If you ever have any questions please call, text or email me.

All 2019 Pro Players Leagues (IDP/PPR/12 Team Dynasty/30 Man Rosters/16 Starters) are paid in full and up and running on MFL. If you are considering buying a Franchise for the upcoming 2019 Season, please go to the League Home now and Check Out the League, also view the League Settings and League Rules. We have high scores on O and D. We do not allow trades. Top heavy prize fund.


League Costs: $9.72
Prize Fund Contribution: $100.28



6 Leagues / 12 Teams in Each: Top 6 in EACH League Cash
1X GRAND Champion gets $1000 ($500 League Championship + $500 GRAND Champion BONUS!)
6X League Champions get $500 Each
6X League Runners Up get $250 Each
6X 3rd Place Finishers get $150 Each
6X 4th Place Finishers get $110 Each
6X 5th Place Finishers get $65 Each
6X 6th Place Finishers get $45 Each

One Pro Players Super League Champion will be crowned the Annual Super League Grand Champion and earns the Grand Champion's Bonus as described above. The Super League Grand Champion is the League Champion that wins with highest score on Championship Weekend. Ties share the prize equally.

Don't miss out on your chance to get in a Pro Players League!

BLACK League (15th year)
BLUE League (8th year)
GREEN League (7th Year)
DIAMOND League (7th Year)
SQUARE League (5th Year)
CIRCLE League (4th Year)

Pro Players Rules have been forged over 15 seasons. I have to say that the Franchise Owners in our Leagues really enjoy this high scoring fireworks format, and everyone digs the helmets. You get one free when you purchase a Franchise.

2019 League Home on MFL
CALL THE COMMISH 480.993.5386
TEXT THE COMMISH 480.993.5386

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