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12 team 2 QB league with IDP on ESPN $200 league safe 3 Open spots!

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League of Champions 12 team 2 QB league with 1 IDP on ESPN. $200 through league safe. 0.5 ppr with 1 IDP with 1 flex spot. 10 starters with 7 bench spots. Draft will be online on ESPN Sept 3rd @ 8pm CT. Providing a link to the league. Have 3 open spots, League will fill up quickly! Email me at s_will87@yahoo.com if interested! 



Super Bowl Winner: $800

2 Championship Winners: $400 ($200 each)

2 Wildcard Winners: $200 ($100 each)

3 Playoff Wildcards: $300 ($100 each)

3 Division Winners: $600 ($200 each)

MVP (Most points scored regular season) $100

Super Bowl winner can max out at $1,300!! 


Link to league: 

Join my ESPN Fantasy Football league! http://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=109847&inviteId=1e255828-4846-43d0-9c5a-46f8484c9d6e

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