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Free Keeper League has openings (20th season)

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The CBBFL currenty has openings as we enter our 20th year/season.   We are a FREE league with a custom website. 
Our league is not like your typical fantasy football league.  Our scoring is based on head-to-head competition and
not play based points (although there are some bonus points).  You score points based on how your player plays in 
a certain category against your opponent that week.  For example, if your QB throws more completions than your 
opponent's QB - you get 2 points and his gets 0.

Our draft is done in a chat room and takes about 3 hours to complete.  There are no pre-generated lists nor are 
there "best available".   If you cannot make the live chat, you're expected to prepare an extensive list to last
through the draft.   Depending on your conference, the draft will be either a Saturday or Sunday and varies each

If this sounds interested to you, go to CBBFL.com and review the league rules.  If they are acceptable to you, fill
out the Registration Form.   Our keepers were due today and the drafts are the weekend before Labor Day each year.
Hope to hear from you soon.

CBBFL Commissioner

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