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Breakthrough in electric motors?

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Fundamentally, electric motors haven’t changed all that much since they were developed well over a century ago: they’re still electromechanically spinning rotors inside of stators. There a Texas startup, though, that claims to have developed the first real, substantive improvements in the basic design of an electric motor, and they claim that its motor, the Linear Labs Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) will perform so much better than conventional motors that electric cars with these motors can eliminate any sort of gearboxes, expect 10 percent more range from a given battery size, while providing more power and torque for a given size of motor.

Linear Labs claims two to five times the torque output of similarly-scaled conventional electric motors, and twice the power output. Electric motors are already known for how much torque they can generate, so these are especially impressive numbers.




If true, and if they are cost effective to produce this could be a major breakthrough, not just for cars but for industry in general. Lots of companies claim ridiculous breakthroughs though, ie Theranos. We will just have to wait and see i guess.

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If the technology is scalable, your mom can quit buying D batteries for her vibrator and use those cheap watch batteries instead.  Think of all the $$$ she'll save.  :banana:

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