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Mad Mike's launch was delayed, we need to wait one more week to know if the earth is flat.

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Flat-Earth proponent, former limo driver and amateur rocketeer "Mad" Mike Hughes planned to launch 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) into the air above the community of Amboy in California's Mojave Desert Monday (Aug. 12). But his homemade, steam-powered rocket never got off the ground, thanks to a faulty water heater that he bought off of Craigslist. 

The launch is currently postponed until possibly Saturday, Aug. 17. 



Hopefully there are no other Craigslist related mishaps.

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2 hours ago, BiPolarBear said:

Are we the only flat planet, or are they all flat?   😐

Davidson says that means planets are kind of like stars, definitely not "terra firma planets," making them a set of similar-but-different stars. (He also says that our sun isn't the same as other stars, since it doesn't twinkle. In fact, our sun is very normal and no stars twinkle, the perceived phenomenon comes from Earth's atmosphere interfering with their light.)


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