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Associated Fantasy

Associated Fantasy Updated League and Tournament Openings for 2019

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We're just getting into the exciting fantasy draft season and the next couple of weeks are going to be a blur of excitement.  Don't miss out on any of our upcoming 2019 Leagues and Tournaments, check out the full list of all of the open slots we have left.  Click on the links for more info and use the contact forms on the Tournament and League pages to sign-up.  Once you've clicked submit on the entry form, AF will be in touch with you in a day or two to send you the league/tournament invites and the LeagueSafe links (for leagues and tournaments with entry fees) or to answer any questions
League Openings:
Justice League - we still have 7 open spots in our brand new Justice League - finally, a super hero themed fantasy league done right!  - $30 entry, 10 teams, with our popular 2 QB Arena Roster set and high flying Rally Scoring Package.  Act fast to reserve your favorite comic book character while it's still available.  Draft is Sunday, Sep 1 at 2:00pm EDT
Currently, all of our other leagues have already filled any open spots for the 2019 season........but keep your eyes open for any new leagues we may put together before the season starts.
Tournament Openings:
We've still got plenty of spots left in our 2019 Tournament line-up, including:
Ten/100 - our entry level tournament - $10 entry, 10 teams, winner take all.  This one has a roster of 10 Offensive Flex starters and no bench with limited add/drops available for the season.  You'll have to navigate bye weeks and injuries while playing through an all vs all standings race to win the $100 prize in this one.   7 spots still available  Draft is Tuesday, Sep 3 at 9:00pm EDT
Twelve/250 - this is a juiced up version of the Ten/100 above with 12 teams, 12 starting flex positions, and a $21 entry fee for a $252 payout to the team that can come out in first.  8 spots still available  Draft is Tuesday, Sep 3 at 10:00pm EDT
Suicide Squad  this is a total points race tournament with a $25 entry and payouts to the top 3 finishers 12 teams start the season with 17 starters, no bench, and limited add/drops and must outscore everyone else while their team loses a player each week all season long  Just 3 spots left available  Draft is Tuesday Sep 3 at 8:00pm EDT
Fantasy Circus  - $35 entry - this long running tournament has been around for many seasons now, and features a starting group of 16 teams divided into two groups.  After a round robin schedule within each group, the bottom 4 teams in each are eliminatedand their players put on waivers for the survivors.  In round 2, the 8 teams that survived, play another round robin where only 4 teams will survive the next cut and make it into the championship round where all 4 finalists receive a payout, including $300 for 1st.  13 spots are still available in this year's tournament  Auction Draft is Sunday, Aug 25 at 1:00pm EDT
King of the Hill - 16 teams - $20 entry - back again for a new season, draft order is randomized in every round of the draft so there are no bad draft spots!  Teams play a 17 week ladder schedule and try to be the team at the very top when the season's complete.  14 spots still available Draft is Monday, Sep 2 at *:00pm EDT
King of the Mountain - a higher stakes version of our King of the Hill tournament.  same format, but a $35 entry and larger payouts  15 spots still available  Draft is Monday Sep 2 at 9:00pm EDT
These spots will FILL UP FAST!  use the sign up forms on the individual tournament and league pages to join, first come-first serve based on the timestamp of your entry form submission.  Don't wait - ACT NOW

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