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Yahoo $500 PPR - 3 Openings!- LeagueSafe Payment

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3 open slots in my Yahoo PPR $500 fantasy league that I have been the commish of for 10+ plus years.  If you are interested, and motivated to play in a great high stakes league, send me an email! 


First managers to join AND paid in LeagueSafe get a guaranteed spot, all other will be removed!  FIRST PAY - FIRST PLAY!


Pertinent Details:


Buyin: $500 - money due in LeagueSafe ASAP -- Draft Aug 25.  Once all are paid up in LeagueSafe I will finalize draft order in order to prep


Payouts  1st) $3000  2nd) $1500 3rd) $500 - Top two finishers ($500 ea)  Once everyone pays up we vote as a league for exact payouts.


Draft Date:  Aug 25 -  3pm EST / Snaking Draft 


Contact me via email for league invite:  chris_aloha11@yahoo.com

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