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AFFA Dynasty Startup Needs A Few Dedicated Owners ASAP

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The AFFA (American Fake Football Alliance) is a 12 team startup H2H dynasty league that will be kicking off it's inaugural season on the My Fantasy Football site this year. This is a serious league being started by a commissioner who has run successful fantasy leagues for 13 years. 8 spots have been filled by owners who have been in my longest running redraft league. We need 4 serious owners who can commit long term to a dynasty format to fill out the league.

This season will be somewhat of a trial run because it is a brand new league, so things will be scaled down. The entry fee for this season only will be just $25. The payouts will be $110 (league champion), $50 (runner up), and $50 (total points for regular season). Next season and going forward, the entry fee will increase to $100 and the payout will break down as follows: $510 (league champ), $200 (runner up), $100 (conference winner X2), $200 (total points for regular season). The remainder of the money will be used to pay MFL site fee. I decided to use this site because it is fully customizable and is particularly suited for a dynasty league. All league accounting will be handled thru Leaguesafe.

 The live Origination Draft will be a snake draft held on Wednesday September 4 at 7pm ET. Even though this season is a scaled back one, the rosters drafted will be the true rosters going forward and we will have 4 round Rookie Drafts in future seasons (and Replacement Drafts as needed). I have included a link to the league's official site so you can review league scoring settings, etc in more detail (please review the AFFA General Information document under the League Links tab on the bottom right of the site's home page for a more detailed overview of the league). League will utilize a basic full point PPR scoring format. Take a few moments to look things over and, if you are interested in getting in during the inaugural season of what promises to be a premium, competitive, and professionally run dynasty league, please email me at rentedmules02@yahoo.com. We need to fill the 4 remaining spots ASAP so, if you want to be part of the AFFA, please don't hesitate to reach out.  

Link to AFFA Site: https://www73.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/40986#0

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• Franchises will be named by owners and should represent a city that does not currently have a professional sports team in any of the 4 major sports leagues (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA). Examples include Topeka, Charleston, Louisville, Hartford, Providence, Albuquerque, Ft. Worth, ,etc. • 12 teams total: 2 conferences of 6 teams each (Federal & Liberty) •



 Origination Draft: (normal 24 round snake style online draft).

Rookie Draft: 4 round draft held every year after the inaugural season. Draft order will be determined by standings with last place team selecting first and league champ selecting 12th. Each franchise will designate 20 keepers prior to draft and open 4 spots on roster for rookie draft picks. Will take place in late August/early September.

 Replacement Draft: If a new owner(s) enters league and adopts an orphaned team, there will be a Replacement Draft (prior to Rookie Draft). Will take place in July. • Each team can protect 12 of it’s 24 players. Non-protected players will be exposed in the Replacement Draft. Each team owner, including new owner(s), must submit a list of protected players to the league prior to Replacement Draft. • Replacement owner(s) can select up to 5 players from existing teams (nonprotected list) but cannot select more than one player from any single team. An existing team that has a player sniped from it’s roster can then select one player from the unprotected players on the replacement team’s roster. • Replacement Draft will be conducted by email. New owner will have a maximum of 12 hours to make each selection. Once a selection is made, the team who’s player was sniped will then have a maximum of 12 hours to choose a replacement player from the new owner’s unprotected player list (owners will be encouraged to make each selection and notify league ASAP. Full 12 hour allotment should be used only if needed). This will continue until the new owner has selected all of the players (s)he wishes (up to 5 total players). If there are multiple new owners, the order for the Replacement Draft will be determined by the orphaned teams’ place in the prior season’s standings.



• FAAB waiver system with $100 in FAAB budget per season. Waivers will take place in-season only. No players will be able to be claimed during off-season.



• Trading will be allowed in-season as well as during the off-season. • Trading of draft picks (for the league’s Rookie Draft) will be allowed when actual players are also involved in such trade. No draft pick only deals will be allowed. • A non refundable deposit of $50 (half the league fee) will be due from all returning owners by a pre determined date (in April) to ensure league will have enough time to fill any open spots and also to ensure off-season trades are not made involving an owner(s) that decide to leave the league after such trade is consummated. ROSTER CONSTRUCTION: • Maximum position allowances, starting lineup information, IR information, etc will be posted in league settings on official league site. There will not be a taxi squad so all players will need to be part of the team’s 24 player roster. Players who are likely not going to be active or have a significant impact on a current season will still be part of a team’s 24 player limit so owner’s will have to figure that into roster construction. The expanded 24 player roster will allow for those players to be stashed away for future seasons without affecting a team’s ability to field a competitive lineup during the current season.



• League will use Head To Head and full point PPR (points per reception) scoring format. Full scoring information will be posted in league settings on official league site.



• The league will implement a 3 person Rules Committee that will include league commissioner and 2 other league owners. Members will be elected on a voluntary basis and will be determined by length of time as an owner in the RMFFL (my current redraft league). The Rules Committee will be utilized to impartially resolve any rules violations,issues, or disputes or other league business related directly to the competition itself.



• All teams will be expected to field a competitive lineup of active players on a weekly basis. Any team owner that is deemed to not be making a true faith attempt to win a weekly matchup, either purposely or through neglect/ disinterest, will be given one warning and then will be subject to a lockout of roster control. • In such an instance, the commissioner will field that team’s best possible lineup based solely on player point projections. • This stipulation is meant to ensure the competitive integrity of the league and to prevent an owner of a team eliminated from playoff contention from purposely “tanking” in an attempt to secure a higher draft slot in the next year’s Rookie Draft, etc. • The determination on whether an owner is guilty of this violation will be made by the Rules Committee and any owner who is found to be in flagrant violation may be subject to termination from the league and will not be refunded any portion of league fees covering the current season. Any extenuating circumstances that contributed to an owner’s inactivity will be considered when making this decision.



Annual league entry fee will be $100. Seasonal payouts will break down as follows: $510 League Champion $200 League Runner Up $100 Conference Regular Season Winner (X2) $200 Overall Points For Regular Season *The remaining $90 will go toward paying site hosting fee Balance of entry fees will be due in late June and all league accounting will be handled through Leaguesafe.

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