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Do I trade Julio Jones?

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I need your help. I am at 3-6 with a team that I thought was strong but keep running into the high scoring team for the week(169-191 I lost last week, yet I am the highest scoring team in the league).

I am 1 game out with 4 to go to the last playoff spot and I think it's time to make a change. We either start 2 RB's & 4 WR's or
3 RB's & 3 WR's( I go with 2 RB's & 4 WR's ).

Here is my team

QB- Ryan, Rivers
RB- Hunt, Devonta Freeman, Kamara, M. Ingram, J. Samuels
WR- Hopkins, Julio Jones, Boyd, Gallup, DK Metcalf, Marvin Jones

I have been offered the following players - Diggs, Gurley, Ridley for Julio. What do you thinks?

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I am also the highest scoring team in the league but I', 4-5. my PA is higher than the PF of the first place team in our league.

So they are offering all 3 of those players for J. Jones? Who would you drop? Would who you drop make another team better?

I mean, I own Julio too and I expect he's gonna not do better than the 3 you're trading for. I don't see where you're getting anything out of this than the 2 you already have that you're dropping to make roster space.

The only wild card in that trade is Gurley. If he gets back to form after the bye week than its worth it.

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1 minute ago, rocko5961 said:

I hear ya, just wondering if I need to shake up this team, maybe getting desperate.

Patience. If you're scoring points it will eventually even out. Just look at what everyone was saying about Mike Evans around week 3 :)

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